Portrait Details


Family Portraits Matter!

Documenting the journey of your family can be one of the most joyful ways to preserve memories. I’ve been photographing families for several years now and I find it so fun to see how children grow and change.

The Experience Matters

I pride myself in the quality of customer service I offer. From your first inquiry into my services, to receiving your custom-made chidren’s portrait  album or disc of images, you can expect to be treated as my number one priority. I am direct and always available in all communication with my clients and put you first. I want to make this the easiest process possible and want you to enjoy the experience. I’m here to take care of you.


My portrait sessions typically last 1-2 hours and can be shot at a variety of locations. I encourage families to pick somewhere where their children are comfortable, whether that be their home, the beach, or a park. We will often pick a site with a variety of backgrounds so the kids can be photographed in different areas. I often bring an assistant to help in making the children smile and keeping everybody looking at the camera or away. I like to be able to document the session while my assistant keeps everybody entertained.

My Background Matters

As a professional photographer for more than a decade having faced all sorts of situations to photograph in, I am fully comfortable with any location, lighting, timing, or situation that could arise during a portrait session. While my specialty is documentary style, I’m able to pose families of all sizes in formal portraits.

Do you have more questions? Well check out my biography and FAQ to learn more.


Simply Blue Studios offers a wide range of products and services to make your portrait session uniquely yours. My calendar fills pretty quickly and I accept a limited number of commissions per year. Please fill out my contact form and I’ll respond promptly. I’d love to personally work with you to help you with all of your photography needs.

As well as sitting session I also offer several other products. Many of my clients want my help designing their personal gifts to family and friends. Additional Products:

  • Archival Proof Sets
  • Children’s Portrait Albums
  • Custom Designed Holiday Cards
  • Custom Designed Baby Announcements
  • Enlargements
  • Gallery Wraps

Many of these can be found on my custom products page. Please visit that page for more information.

To speak with me about your personal portrait needs, please fill out my contact form or email me (carrie [at] simplybluestudios.com) or call to discuss details of our rates and services. I look forward to speaking with you!