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Hi there! I’m Carrie Pratt and I’m a documentary-style wedding photographer and portrait photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Call me a “wedding photojournalist.” I travel to shoot destination weddings, and I also regularly photograph Tampa weddings. I enjoy telling stories with my camera.

Welcome to my new website and blog. I’ve been fortunate to document great couples and families and would like to share some of my favorite images from those sessions here. You will even find some funny/quirky personal news here on occasion but I promise not to bore you.

I first fell in love with photography and storytelling as a photojournalism major at Western Kentucky University. I originally went to Western on a painting scholarship until I found its well-known photojournalism program. After discovering the camera as a tool to introduce me to new people and adventures, I changed majors and I never looked back.

My career in photojournalism has taken me all around the world reporting on major news stories such as 9-11, and the space shuttle Columbia disaster, as well as to places such as Austin, Texas, to cover South by Southwest. I also worked for the St. Petersburg Times/Tampa Bay Times, where I documented Tampa Bay and beyond as a senior multimedia producer.

I’ve had the opportunity as a photojournalist to cover many sports events. Some of my favorites were the 2001 Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, the 2003 Super Bowl where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders in San Diego, the Florida State Seminoles, NCAA National Championships (Gators), and several Kentucky Derbies. Shooting such amazing events has given me the training to shoot great moments at all of my weddings.

Six years ago, I decided to take a break from my day-to-day routine and pursue a masters’s degree in visual communications at Ohio University. What can I say, once you’ve seen one NFL locker room, you’ve seen them all!

While I was in Athens, Ohio, I was able to immerse myself in multimedia and storytelling. Since starting my second degree I have added multimedia under my belt and regularly shoot video and collect audio. You can see some of my wedding video work on my website as well. 

After receiving my graduate degree and working in journalism I decided to return to my roots and I now advise students at Western Kentucky University’s College Heights Herald as well adjunct teach for the university. It’s truly the best of both worlds for me. I get to work with students at the place that helped me so much as well as shooting weddings and documenting families. I couldn’t be happier.

What does this all mean for you, my clients? It means I’m the real deal. I am an international-award-winning photographer for the Wedding Photojournalism Assocation. I am the real deal- professionally trained, experienced and a true wedding photojournalist. I have been working as an employed photojournalist for over ten years and bring expertise of that craft to your wedding. As you look through my work, you will see that I am able to anticipate moments and tell stories. The moments I photograph are not contrived or set up. They are actual moments happening in real-time wedding photojournalism.

For my family and portrait clients, this means a great experience for you as well. I approach all of my portraits with a documentary eye, which allows me to capture moments with your children or family that no one else around you can capture. I see those touching moments that you will cherish throughout the years, well into your child’s adulthood.

In my personal life, I’m married to a triathlon coach, Hank, who makes me laugh every day. When I’m not photographing weddings or portraits on the weekend, I can be found at many triathlons shooting images of Hank’s clients and trying to keep my camera dry! In the rest of my free time I keep busy with running, painting, playing tennis, soccer or novice coding in WordPress and Drupal. We have a son, Miles, who’s two and we are expecting a little girl this fall. We have a dog, Sandy, and a cat, Frankie, who we refer to as our children (they’re wonderful training!). We actually think Frankie might be a dog in cat’s clothing but the DNA test is still out.

I pride myself on the highest level of customer service. I have worked very hard to develop this and want every one of my clients to walk away with nothing but great things to say about working with me and Simply Blue Studios.

So please check back often, leave me some blog love, and put me in your Google reader. Fill out my contact form about your wedding or portrait needs and I’ll be in touch shortly!