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Hi, I'm Carrie Pratt. Welcome to my website. I'm a wedding photojournalist located in Tampa Bay and in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I split my time between both areas because I have a love for Tampa Bay, and I also have a love for teaching young minds about journalism and the power of photography, video and storytelling. I own Simply Blue Studios, a wedding studio where I have been documenting weddings for over a decade. My style is wedding photojournalism, which means I specialize in capturing moments and telling the story of your day. To me, it’s an honor to do this. I simply love having my camera there as a witness to your love, your story. I strive to bring the highest-quality work to your day and also to your family portraits. Take a look and fill out my contact form for your wedding and portrait needs! Also, please feel free to check out my editorial work.


Hi there! I’m Carrie Pratt and I'm a documentary-style wedding photographer and portrait photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Call me a "wedding photojournalist." I travel to shoot destination weddings, and I also regularly photograph Tampa weddings. I enjoy telling stories with my camera. Welcome to my new website an...    Read more

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